Prevent child from techno addiction

Prevent child from techno addiction

Prevention of child from techno addiction

Children are not untouched by the increasing influence of technology. They see their parents do the same, they do the same. If the parents are techno addict, children will also become techno addict.

Keep children away from laptops, PCs and smartphones.

  • Allow the use of TVs, laptops, smartphones and tablets up to the deadline.
  • Put password on smartphones, tablets and laptops After a short time change the password.
  • Do not tell the new password to the children. They will not be able to open them without your permission.
  • Keep them away from TV, laptop, PC and mobile at dinner, pooja and family gathering.
  • Spend quality time with children.
  • Take them out for a picnic.
  • Encourage them for physical activity.

Internet has become an important part of life, but its addiction can also make your child ill. If they stay connected to the virtual world for hours, then might be a victim of Internet addiction disorder.
Internet addiction disorder affects the brain in the same way as drugs cause harm. The bad addiction of the Internet causes brain damage and harm in many other ways.Students who use digital technology more than a limit are less interested in their studies and become restless with the test. This study is revealed in a study, which states that such students start feeling lonely at one time. In the research conducted in General of Computer Assisted Learning, 285 such students were studying a degree course related to health. The research assessed their digital technology usage patterns, their anxiety, loneliness, reading and motivation.Researchers state that there is a negative relationship between Internet addiction and motivation to study. According to them, students who are addicted to the Internet, find it difficult for them to study and become more restless when they come for the exam. Researchers also said that loneliness is also felt due to Internet addiction, which makes it more difficult to study.”These results show that students with Internet addiction do not like to study and because of which the exam is low.” About one-fourth of the students admitted that they spend more than four hours online every day and the remaining students said that they remain online for one to three hours daily. According to the study, students mainly use the Internet for social networking and for obtaining information.
Internet addiction kills many abilities such as motivation control, planning, sensitivity to rewards. Due to the lack of such abilities, you also become weak in studies. Internet addiction has also been linked in research to loneliness, which makes it difficult for students to study. Researchers said that Internet addiction and low social interaction make a person feel lonely.
 Psychiatrist specialist says that the habit of sticking to the Internet for hours is causing a mental illness ‘Internet addiction disorder’ 
Spending more time on online gaming, pornography and social networking sites has become a habit for most children. These are the initial symptoms of IAD. However, gradually the person becomes addicted to it. Things become such that anger, restlessness, irritability starts due to not using the net.
A person suffering from IAD spends five to ten hours on the Internet. Symptoms like getting out of the house, giving less time to friends and family, eating and drinking less.
Symptoms of this disease are pain in the hands and wrists, dry eyes, or weight gain etc. And also doing every job in front of the computer as well as feeling relieved while alone in room. Some research has found that people with ‘Internet addiction disorder’ also adopt many harmful things as drugs or alcohols etc.
The patient suffering from ‘Internet addiction disorder’ starts feeling emotionally weak and has less control over himself. Problems like feeling restless, stress, loss of appetite, sleeplessness always increase.
According to a research, the patient is always distraught in this disease. Not only this, problems like lack of mind in any work, not being able to focus on any work also arises.Things like smartphones, social networking sites and pornography, gradually become the addict of the Internet. Children suffering from this disease should reduce internet usage.
The simplest way to make your child get rid of these addiction are ‘ Make them reading books and listning to music. Also make them Spend time with family and friends can reduce this habit gradually. In the recent past, cases of ‘Internet addiction disorder’ have been growing rapidly.
Internet addiction disorder is treated with medication as well as behavior therapy. It is not known to the patient. This therapy is given either with the group or alone. The patient is gradually motivated to quit Internet addiction. If he uses the Internet for ten hours, then he is motivated to use the Internet for the first eight hours, then six hours and then even less. Instead, other activities are attracted to the patient.When mobile phones were invented, hardly anyone would have thought that one day it can also take the form of an addiction for a large number of people. ‘Phone Addiction’ has emerged as the biggest disease of today’s era.
Although no clear definition can be given of this addition, it is certain that if someone do not stop from usage smartphone for repetitive, unnecessary tasks even though knowing the consequences to the contrary, then been Addicted. The cure for this addition is not to stop using the phone itself. The right treatment is to use the phone in a balanced way.Characteristics of phone addictionMany things indicate about a victim of phone addiction. Chief among them are …Phone addiction is not just an addiction. It can also have side effects on your physical and mental health. These are…- Eye strain and feeling pain. Blurred look. Headache.- Pain in neck and arms.- Suffering from lack of sleep. Due to the addiction of the phone, keep using it till late night, due to which they are unable to sleep.- Due to prolonged exposure to the phone, it is more likely to fall prey to the microbes present on its surface.- Psychiatry like depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc.
How to deal with this addiction?If your child is addicted to the phone, then parents can take some steps to get control over it at their level.- Disabling notifications. Repeated notifications will not come, so child will not pick up the phone again and again.- Uninstall apps that have no solid utility, yet child spend a lot of time on them.- Track their phone usage time. There are some apps available that tell you how much time spent on the phone and Discourage spending more time.- Always keep the phone in another room instead of keeping it with kids. If it is always within reach, then child can use itWon’t stop themselves.- If child sleep by setting an alarm in the phone and keeping it near them, then it is possible that child won’t stop from using the phone till late at night.So keep the phone somewhere away from the bed and use an alarm clock for alarm.- Tell firmly that not going to look at the phone for the next hour. Then ask your child to get started in implementing it.- Try to know why child addicted to the phone. There is a shortage in life in most of the user. Any Shortage, you find a solution to avoid any problem in the phone. Identify that deficiency and try to overcome it.- Think about what other work you can give your child.  So use the time-phrase wasting on the phone. Then try to make child use  time in these tasks.- If a remedy does not appear to work, do not hesitate to visit a psychiatrist.
Are you also increasing digital addiction in your children

For children under 18 months, spending only 15-20 minutes on screen is right and acceptable in terms of health.
Are you also increasing digital addiction in your childrenIf you are also one of those parents who give their young children a smartphone or tablet in their hands while feeding or to keep them busy, then be aware that this habit can not only make them lazy. , but could push them towards digital addition only in the early stages of his age.According to the Pediatrics, children under 18 months of age, spending only 15-20 minutes on screen is healthy and acceptable. Experts believe that parents with busy schedules and an over-protective attitude towards the safety of young children are attaching their young children to smart screens. Instead of playing with toys or playing outside, putting them on digital screen addiction at such a young age can hamper their all round development, spoil their eyesight and make them obese in childhood , Which can subsequently lead to diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.According to a psychologist, “Toys increase visual knowledge and touch knowledge in the minds of young children.” More screen time can permanently destroy young children with their cognitive abilities such as laziness and problem solving, paying attention to other people and sleeping on time.Health experts recommend that the correct age for children to spend normal time on screen is 11 years. However, according to  survey 25 percent of children aged six years or younger have their own mobile phone and about half of them spend up to 21 hours a week on their phones. During this time, they play games on screen and watch videos.Experts advise parents to engage their children in ‘open-ended’ content on the screen, so that it helps to increase their creativity while spending time on the app and it is only reward or sharing their attention Contribute to their cognitive development rather than being used. However, spending time on screen for a while and under someone’s monitor is not harmful. “Technology should not be a hindrance to the child’s normal social interaction and learning from the surrounding environment. Once addicted to a smart phone or tablet, then later it causes problems with withdrawal symptoms such as irritable behavior, stubbornness, frequent solicitation and tantrums in sleeping, eating or waking up in children when they are not allowed to spend more time on the screen.Experts believe that to keep children away from digital addiction, parents should create free zones of digital devices in the home, especially at the dining table and bedroom, not only for children, but also for themselves. “Children learn what they see.” In order to keep children away from this addiction, parents should also set a right example before themselves.

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