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Myself Kavita, Blessed with 2 Kids

My Child had the good grace to arrive at the mid of march. So, I was able to wheel to the park almost daily. For kids there is fresh air and sunshine. For me there was few mothers on the park bench. It didn’t take me long to discover that their babies also changed their working schedule. Frequently had wet nappy, leaky diapers, and very fussy in evenings when we adults longed for private time. To my relief, I found I didn’t have the only child who hadn’t responded as the article implied! Not only did I get the support from those other mothers, I got a lot of ideas from them. Other mothers, I too found, were a wonderful source of information.

In my initial article, which feed me in others. While intricacies of raising a child, mainly parents faces few untold, unexpected and different difficulties as well as challenges, troublesome situations, circumstances, and phase. In my entire site, I tried to cover such scenarios and ways to tackle them, which may help in hassle-free child rearing. There is no full proof plan to be a perfect parent. As mainly, parents must have understood very well that raising a child is the most challenging task.

Author of a2zparenting.com

After going through deep study, practical survey and research, we come up with few suggestions and recommendation tips. Initially we scoop few, while raising-up children that worked for me and other mothers. My subsequent blog followed in the same vein: The desire to share what really works for parents. My blogs and articles are with the best childcare tips to help make initial upbringing and other required tips with your children easier and lots more fun. My blog is embedded with all about parenting issues and its resolutions.

In my assessment practice I have helped people to clarify their issues, questions and the changes they want to bring about. I did this through a process of finding out as much as possible about the factors and influences contributing to their situations in order to provide professional advice. I used positive psychology with firm commitment to the humanistic psychology principles of acceptance, congruence and empathy.

I now have the joy of being a mother and watching my known – friends & family are taking care of their child according to my suggestion. I continue to learn by watching. now a days couples find easy ways to keep life on an even keel. They’re even open to listening to some of my suggestions.

People often ask me what my favorite tip is. Usually it’s the last one I heard that was new for me and made me say, “But of course, why didn’t I think of that?” This site is included full of great ideas, so it’s important to remember the most important tip of all:-There is no way you can do every tip mentioned on site. Trying them all could lead to a nervous breakdown or, at the very least, an intensive case of guilt.

– Kavita Sirohi