Parenting role and strategies during examination duration 2023
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Parenting role and strategies during examination duration 2023

Parenting role and strategies during examination duration 2023
Parenting role and strategies during examination duration 2023

While mention about – Parenting role and strategies during examination duration 2023

As we know that Board exams are very important, while preparing for board exams – parents are always looking for strategies to support their children . There have been many discussions earlier also where we have given tips for students to successes in board exams. This talk will focus on the right strategies for parents to follow and suggestive ways to support their children during the most important phase of their careers.

It’s not the end of the world just give your best’, ‘Everything is a once in a lifetime experience’, ‘Board’s exams is just a game and you are smart enough to play it well’, ‘Don’t worry about the result just give your best’ These idioms give courage to the children and Reduces mental stress.

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Parenting role and strategies during examination duration

If your child studies daily for two hours, he/she increases the study time by 3 to 4 hours during the exam. It takes time for a person’s body and mind to adapt to this change. When a child studies for two hours every day, the neurons of his brain work in the same way. Any sudden change does not give good results. Parents should understand that 9 to 10 hours of continuous study before the exam is not always helpful.

Avoid distraction of children

While specifying about Parenting role and strategies during examination duration 2023 Parents should also avoid doing such work – T.V. Watching, listening to songs in loud voice etc. may distract the attention of children from studies. During the examination, parents should not invite guests and relatives at home, this can also distract the attention of children from studies. Parents should create such an environment that the child is free from all distractions and concentrates only on studies.

Young students often get distracted by activities like browsing social media apps and watching TV series. While they’re at it, they lose track of time. This leads to bad grades. Parents should strictly monitor their children’s time on social media apps and help them avoid distractions. This does not mean that they should eliminate these activities from their children’s lives. Helping them to keep checking and keep track of time will help.

Though it is not a good habit but students also need encouragement. Parents make some promises like if you get 95% marks in maths and science then we will gift you a new p.c, mobile phone, Geared cycle etc. If you score more than 80% marks, we will take you for a trip to xyz places.

Such promises encourage the students to work harder. The advantage of this trick is that parents do not have to constantly ask them to read. A parent should try to adopt all these tricks as well.

Food to feed child’s brain during exam

This is very important for a healthy body. A healthy mind can exist only inside a healthy body. Parents should ensure that their children eat nutritious food. Nutrition also boosts energy levels and helps with focus and concentration. Poor nutrition makes a person feel lethargic. It also lowers the concentration level and leads to poor memory and cognition.

In the last month of exam preparation, some students skip their daily meals and some students start having junk food and light snacks. Nowadays it is seen that some students take medicines without consulting the doctor. Such drugs have a bad effect on the body and mind of the students. It is important for parents to pay special attention to the health of their children.

Parents should pay special attention to the fact that children eat light food and fruits instead of junk food. Different types of food have different effects on a person’s brain. Parents should pay attention that the children eat a balanced diet and do not use any unnecessary medicines. The parent also has to pay attention that the child also rests and gets complete sleep.

Tips to get succeed in board exams

> Start Early: Don’t wait until the last minute to start studying. Start early and create a study schedule to manage your time efficiently.

> Understand the Exam Pattern: Knowing the exam pattern and syllabus will help you understand what to expect in the exam and prepare accordingly.

> Practice Past Papers: Practice previous year papers to get a better understanding of the exam pattern and type of questions that are likely to be asked.

> Take Breaks: Taking regular breaks can help you stay focused and avoid burnout. It’s important to take breaks to recharge your brain and stay motivated.

> Stay Healthy: Take care of your physical and mental health by getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, and exercising regularly.

> Stay Positive: A positive attitude and belief in yourself can go a long way in achieving success. Surround yourself with positive people who support and encourage you.

> Seek Help: Don’t hesitate to seek help from teachers or tutors if you are struggling with any subject or topic. They can provide guidance and support to help you succeed.

Remember, success in board exams is not just about studying hard but also about staying focused, managing your time efficiently, and taking care of your overall well-being.

Encouraging success wishes and motivation for exams

During the examination, the parents should ensure that the children reach the examination center on time. It is very important that children concentrate only on their exam at the time of exam. Dropping the child to the examination center is a memorable moment for the parents and the child. Parents can encourage the children with any inspirational quote while going to the exam center and can discuss about the exam while coming back home.

In conclusion, we can say that the exam time is very important and very stressful for children, especially when the child is appearing for the board exam for the first time. If the child gets full support from the parents, then this time will become memorable and happy for the child and he will be able to give expected results.

Give mental support whenever required – As the level of examination and competition are increasing day by day, students need to put a lot of efforts to get high marks. They are under constant pressure and go through many ups and downs mentally. Therefore, it is important for parents to support their children during this difficult time.

They can pep them up, share examples of stories from their childhood when they used to prepare for exams and point out their strengths to boost their confidence. Confidence is a very important asset to crack the board exams. Also, while preparing for board exams, parents should avoid nagging their children for small things like not cleaning their room or keeping their belongings cluttered. There is no need to increase the tension and apprehension.

Parental support plays a very important role in the overall performance of the child. Parents must follow all these information for good results.

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