About outdoor safety measures for kids
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About outdoor safety measures for kids

About outdoor safety measures for kids
About outdoor safety measures for kids

Brief about outdoor safety measures for kids

A whole new set of hazards presents itself to a child while moving out of the house and during outdoor, or when are away from home. There are many things to see, watch, explore as unaware or unfamiliar about and they setting to investigate, show interest, try experiencing etc with full of curiosity. Sometimes it can dangerous, harmful, injurious or can be unfavorable.

So being careful and be wary along with a alerting look out. Also you might consider attaching a trucker’s side-view mirror to an appropriate spot outside your kitchen window or similar view points, to keep a play area in your line of sight when your child first begins to play outside alone.

While travelling in the car with kids

Parents who are tempted to transport a baby in an infant seat or portable crib or who let older children romp around in the back of a car are tempting fate. There is no safe alternative to an approved, reliable car restraint, a car seat for a baby or small child, or a booster seat or a seat belt for an older child. Children usually learn good safety habits if they are established from the start and never varied and if parents and other adults set good examples as always buckling up. Protect your upholstery by putting a beach towel or car seat protector over your seats, or put a strip of heavy vinyl runner under the car seat.

Pull over to the side of the road if there’s screaming or fighting in the car. Stay there until everyone settle down. Teach your children the mandatory safety routine as – Hands up! door closed! door locked! belts fastened! blast off!. An older child can be appointed to check and verify about that the procedure is carried and followed out correctly.

Spread out the light colored bassinet sheet, receiving blanket, or towel over the car seat during summers. It is required for prevention of child tender skin to burn out from hot seat. When your child is old enough to fasten a seat belt, than also keep a towel in car for same purpose.

Put a hat on a small child to shield her eyes from the sun. Or put solar film or a car shade on the window near the car seat. Transport sharp or heavy objects in the trunk or in rear compartment, not in the passenger area. Never leave children unattended in a car, and never leave the motor running when children are playing near the car. Beware when backing up with children nearby.

Safety measures for children in the yard

Check your backyard equipment regularly to make sure it’s safe and check playground equipment at local parks.

Place an extension ladder across the driveway a few feet from the end to keep preschoolers from riding trikes into the street. Or paint a red stripe across the driveway as a reminder.

Cover exposed screws and bolts with caps or tape. Use pliers to pinch the ends of s-hooks together so they can’t snag your child’s skin or clothing.

Spread four to six inches of loose materials (such as sand or wood chips ) under swings and other playground equipment, to cushion falls. Dirt can be very hard.

Cover swing chains with sections of garden hose or pipe wrap foam to avoid torn clothes and to provide a more comfortable grip. Wrap adhesive or electrical tape around the hose or foam at the level of your child’s grip.

Glue a rubber bathmat or attach nonslip bathtub strips to a swing seat to prevent your child from slipping off.