Save child from pernicious situations

Save child from pernicious situations

Save child from pernicious situations

The world of crime is also going through regular changes. New crimes are involved in the list of crimes. Cyber ​​bullying is also one of these. How to protect your child from this crime.

Have you ever experienced cyber bullying? Are you sure that your child is safe from Cyber ​​Dadagiri? You say yes, but some figures will surprise you. According to a survey conducted on children between eight and 17 years, in the case of online harassment, India is third in the world. About 66 percent of the Internet users in India have faced cyber-bullying in some way. Not only that, about 53 percent of adolescents believed that they got real life from their online contact. Obviously this was done without the knowledge of the parents without meeting it.

Often I have heard people say that my child is living with his mobile all day, he has no meaning to anyone. Whenever I went out of the house in the evening, passing through the streets or parks, I observed that 90 per cent of the children playing in the streets or parks regularly are 10 years old (studying in elementary) or working age. Children over ten years hanging barefoot on the shoulder in the evening or either the tuition is going or coming from there. After that, they are deploying home or tuition homework at home. After all, if some time remains, children watch TV, chatting on social media or playing mobile games. The question is, where is the time to go out of play and save them? Then gradually their habit becomes addiction and their parents begin to scratch.

Now it can be argued that children leave televisions or mobile and give it to the game because school, homework and tuition can not be left. But we have thought that nowadays basic amenities are not roti, cloth and houses, communicating has also been added. TVs, cinemas, the internet have made their way in such a way that children can not be separated from them. Then we have made available such devices as mobile or TV, so they have made them available automatically. And can we leave them easily, expect the children to leave them? If you go to the root of this problem, you will find that there is not so much of a mistake in children as we blame them. If you look at an average school child’s routine, we will find that a school child is very busy like a corporate employee. If he wants to go out and play in whatever little time he gets, then he can not do it. One of the parks around the houses is very low. Even if they are, they have to think and think that nobody has trouble. If you play cricket in the street, then the window of the neighbor window is afraid of breaking glass. The noise of the elders is troubled and the elders of the neighborhood are disturbed. Do not let the vehicles coming and going in the street play it properly.

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