Parent child relationship building pdf 2020

Parent child relationship building pdf 2020

Becoming parents is a very beautiful feeling. Generally as a couple becomes parents, They starts to feel like a completion of life. But in real terms, it’s not the life completion, this is the next stage of life. It is a new beginning and responsibilities also increases. After becoming a parent, a new challenge is upfront to become a good parent and giving a best up-bringing to next generation. While developing a relationship, then we need to go through with all aspects in detail. Thoroughly it will help you as a summarise of child parent relationship manual.  

Importance of parent child relationship building pdf 2020

In the growing age, the children generally related with schools friends, family members, tuition partners, teachers and playground companions, etc. have many people surrounded with. You let them know the right and wrong relationship. Explain to them that new relationships will be created in the journey of life, old ones will be exhausted, there is a lot of effort to make a lasting relationship with someone. You need to be careful in regard of trust level and on whom as well as till which extend child can rely-on.

Parents behavior and Reactions 

Parents need to understand about – To give love, Maintain Discipline, give awareness about good-bad, make them feel valued, Strengthen them in accordance to the society and life up-downs. While developing the child parent relationship- Here I mean to state about the children’s development should be excited, healthy and independently.

parent child relationship building pdf 2020

Parenting of Teenagers 

While mentioning about parent child relationship building pdf 2020. The simple and easy elaborates or belongs to time immemorial, efforts to make the relationship between parents and children. Ideals are seen many times. Taking care of teenage child is a big challenge for parents. We can also termed it as a art in which they did not get training.  I have done a lot’s of research and gone through with many cases, as well as with many surveys as well. Because many of the parents are worried about that how to understand fully and deeply the mentality of today’s youth. While developing or parenting of pre-teenager is not so tough. During the child growth – along with physical growth (health and height) few other implication take place as – cerebral, social, spiritual and emotional. Most important at arise towards teen expressing your delight at verbal skills.  I have written many articles on child upbringing.

Importance of Parenting 

Again, while developing a child – the importance of child parent relationship or parenting outcomes is must as –  I like to mention few useful tactics, which may help parents in understanding about – How to give children moral values, how to raise them, maintain discipline and courtesy etc. Initially we need to get attached with them like a friend and we also need to stop scolding them every time. This rude, impolite, abrupt and arrogant Behavior generates a distance in every relationship. As the child grows up one need to trust them rather than doubting them.

Must intentions of Parenting – Trust but Verify 

Therefor, If there is any kind of doubt then finish it instantly. Otherwise skepticism arises, which has no end. We need to talk directly and openly to child regarding any kind of apprehension in our mind. We need to make a bonding of trust-worthy and confident. Parents needs to have a healthy discussion with children. parents need to educate them about the life’s best and worst part and terms. Growing up Child can easily know that their parents or guardians are keeping eye on and judging them. If they start feeling that they are being judged then the most probably the fear of sharing arise and this generate a gap in parent child relationship building pdf.

So, do take care of your child by developing the strong relationship in between and have a happy as well as lovingly life ahead.

Requirement of parents and kids relationship

Children are like buds in garden, so they should be taken care of in a good way so that these children can decorate our society tomorrow. Now, in this scenario, if we assess, then both child and childhood are going through a strange situation . After getting out of the mother’s lap, the child becomes big or made big without enjoying the innocent lanes and mistakes of childhood. Now there are many things responsible for this, But the initial thing that prevents her childishness is the pressure of the future which pushes her to compete in a good and famous school with little steps, now how will that child feel good in her childhood, or Will be able to live, all his energy is spent in carrying the burden of his nomination and parents’ dreams.

The study showed that if the child’s relationship with parents is stressful or abusive, then there is no control over his eating habits. Instead of such a proper diet, children prefer to eat more sugar or more oil.They also become irregular in sleeping and other everyday activities. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle and social, emotional development in children for a longer life.

Effects of relationship between child and parents

The effect of a good relationship between parents and children in financially weak homes increases their health. With the increasing age of the child, there is no negative impact on them due to low socio-economic level. Parents with less education and weak financial status take the help of constructive dialogue rather than threatening children or forcibly obeying, this increases the warmth in their relationships.

Parents have been taking parenting seriously, since the last two decades. Middle-class parents are still overwhelmed by their child’s birth, until his adulthood. Parents try to provide everything that they did not get at their childhood. Whether it is studying in a good school, or video games, a luxurious birthday party or a trip abroad. Children are getting a lot without asking and are getting indiscriminate competition, which generates an increasing expectations of parents and pressure to prove themselves

Children who are admitted to good schools are rewarded and those who cannot get admission are considered disparaged in the eyes of all. To impose a child on the age of four or five years of being eligible – or unworthy – is it not excessive with a child. I still remember the village landscape where the children used to pass between cows, enjoying nature’s juices, riding in bullock carts, playing games, dipping in rivers, till the age of 6-7 years. Breaking the dung cake, eating mango and guava from trees, To be honest, these moments of childhood are very precious, which make us familiar with the beautiful form of life. But now in today’s age, children are afraid to touch the soil.

Importance of child-parent relationship

Perhaps the modern mother-father instills fear in mind that touching the soil will cause him a skin disease or doing so will put a black spot on his social reputation. As a result, the child’s hands tremble on video games and computers. Taking a trip to a false world, these children are deprived of the beautiful evening shade outside the window. Instead of going to his native village on a holiday, he travels to the hill station. Mostly parents now circled kids with artificial ambience. Children are separated from naturalistic, and environmental aspects. In such a situation, our naval people become primitive to live an artificial life. The child who has not touched the soil of the country, does not feel the trees and leaves, whose feet did not pass through the garden and fields, what good will he love the country or the environment.

Even after all this, whatever technical innocence remains in the child has been destroyed by the “techno addiction”. Having mobile and tab in the hands of every child is as important now as alive because of gadgets. Without these tools, today’s generation considers themselves helpless and unhappy, as if alive only with gadgets and these are kids lifeline. This generation does not have any idea about how these devices are making them paralyzed in terms of thinking and consideration. Nor are parents able to give them information about being techno-adducted is harmful.

The world of mobile, Facebook and WhatsApp is connecting them with the whole world but completely separating them from home, family and their society. One of my relatives son who writes “Get Well Soon” on the Facebook wall of his ailing friend, does not know that the health of own mother, who is cooking food at home is also not right. The festivals, Independence Day, Republic Day are also celebrated on these social network sites. Completely ignorant of the importance and mythological narratives of these days, these children live and see life and relationships on a shallow surface. They do not make sense of anything deeply.

Parents try to provide everything that they did not get at their childhood. Whether it is studying in a good school, or video games, a luxurious birthday party or a trip abroad. Children are getting a lot without asking and are getting indiscriminate competition, which generates an increasing expectations of parents and pressure to prove themselves During some, on ground survey- a child psychiatrist, says, “I find the behavior between parents and children nowadays unusual.” Parents place their child on their head by giving them the status of God. When these children start doing what they want, parents come to us with their problems.

‘Today’s parents lived completely different lives in comparison to their own childhood time in joint family. Priorly in joint family a child was growing up in a crowd of many family members as grandparents, uncle-Aunty etc. They were having a well Discipline schedule for mainly workings as in which entire family need to follow as – Food was available on time and also if required then get scolded as well. The mother’s role was basically to take care of the house. Her intervention in raising children was negligible. Most fathers of that time were maintaining a required distance with their children. There was a discipline in the house. Children would share their daily problems or other concerns with their friends or children of their age.

Relationship development

An untold distance between parents and children has completely disappeared in today’s time. Today’s parents like to call themselves children’s friends. They want children to share everything with them, there is no distance between them. If friendly relations between children and parents remain in a circle, then the relationship does not break. But it doesn’t mean that, Parents didn’t know about when the children cross the limits. 12 year old son’s parents came to doctor almost crying. Their son studies in seventh grade in a renowned school. Single child From the beginning, he met every need. His father is a Businessman.

At the behest of his son, he took a big car, took Plasma TV. This year when the mother scolded for coming in low grades in the sixth, he immediately raised his hand on the mother. This is not the first time that – son has raised his hands on mother or father. Earlier he used to do this when not taking to cinema, not feeding pizza. But on the first scolding of the law, he abused the mother and killed her. Child psychologist says that nearly at least fifteen parents a month bring them the problem of abusive or assaulted child. She believes that the day the child first hands over the parents, it is very important to stop it. Even if it is for a minor thing like stubbornness.

Implement child-parent relationship

It isn’t necessary to fulfil their stubbornness for become friends of the child. Rather, they should be given the right values ​​from the beginning. Explain to them the reason why it is wrong to behave rudely with elders. It is the responsibility of the parents, not the school, to make children sensitive. If from the beginning they will be seduced by taking something with money, then they will not be able to respect human values. ‘Mother of kids  an engineer by profession, has no complaints with her children.

She says, ‘My best friends are my children. Her son is fourteen years old and daughter is ten. She told about that she share everything with them. Her husband had lost his job two years ago during recession. That year neither we were able to take the children out anywhere during summer vacation nor put them in summer classes. I had clearly told them that the financial conditions of the house were not good. Both children understood well. They did not demand new clothes for the whole year, nor did ask to go out to watch movies or eat food. That year we could not even celebrate the children’s birthday. Mother found that children has suddenly become very matured by this incident. Now children starting to value money.

As a result, these children are not growing like a garden bud, but are growing like a non-sensitized machine. Those who get higher education will one day go abroad beyond seven seas. Then from there, check money and gifts will be sent to your parents, that child may not be able to come by himself, because of the sensations and the fragrance of the relationship, because he did not realize these things in his childhood. There is always a conflict and contradiction between the concepts learned in childhood at school, and the understanding that comes from the environment around them. He accepts the understanding result from this contradiction as his concept and reflects it in his behavior.

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