Teaching Society Values

Teaching Society Learning and Values

Perhaps the greatest challenge of parenting is helping our children become social human beings. We want them to become secure, competent, well-adjusted, polite, and independent people, but those qualities can't be developed by simply following a formula. Our children's unique personalities and our own, plus all the other factors in our particular situations, combine to further complicate the already complicated process of growing up.

Setting a good example in social situations is important. "Do as I say, not as I do, " doesn't wash, even with little children. In order to cut down the use of no in front of others (and alone at home, too), some parents try to say yes, with qualifications. "Yes, you may have a cookie after dinner." " Yes, you may play outdoors after you nap.''

Being Quiet
Choose front-row seats at religious services or other gatherings where children are apt to be noisy or fidgety. Knowing they can be seen helps some children behave well, and most enjoy being able to see what's going on.
Or stir in back, where you can make a quick gateway if necessary. Some say to exit only when absolutly necessary and to return as soon as potty duty has been accomplished or screaming has stopped.
Seat a child between two adults at a meeting or service.
Teach your child to whisper-a technique that must be learned before you take them to places where loud talking isn't permissible. There's "outside voice" (loud) and "inside voice" (soft).
Find little jobs for children to do when they must be quite at services or meetings. They can keep track of how many times the rabbi or minister says "God," or they can count the number of children in each row of seats.
Bring an assortment of quiet toys your child can play with at a meeting or service. one possiblity is a stack of fabric scraps pinned together. Or take a spool of theard along, and break off short lengths for your child to play with, if she's old enough to know not to eat them
bring quite food, if necessary, such as raisains.

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