Using a well-discipline techniques

The ‘no’ of the child depends on the method of parenting, that is how the parents say the child to their child. According to a recent child development research, “Children aged 4-5 years do not speak 20-25 times in one day. Many times children also say ‘no’ due to tiredness. Generally speaking children with Rud Behavior speak ‘Na’ for everything. The important thing is that when a child does not speak for everything in childhood since childhood, such behavior is an indication of his rebellion in the future. ‘

Always talk positively with the children.

  • Keep your voice soft while talking to them.
  • During positive talks, children will get answers to their questions and they will also be in discipline.
  • Give them the option according to opportunity.
  • Then give them the right to choose the option. This will develop their ability to make decisions.
  • Make sure to give opportunity to the children who have defiant behavior. This will develop their ability to control situations.

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