Reacting to the sex related queries

Reacting to sex related quries

Usually, children ask unsuspecting question about sex and parents can not understand how to answer their question. Most parents scold him/her or make him/her silent or answer. The confusion and curiosity of the children increases even when there is no correct answer.

Explain about body parts to children older than 5 years. as well as explain safe-unsafe touch.
small children do not understand much about safe-unsafe touch, but it depends on the way parents explain them. Still, explain to children about the good touch.
Explain them in a simple way instead of answering their technical questions
Keep in mind the age of children in mind. Like giving basic sex education to children up to 11-13 years old. Provide accurate and complete information about sex to children over 14 years of age.
When kids ask questions related to sex, parents scold them, instead of being angry and respond lovingly.
Parents do not ignore their questions and do not try to scold them.
Keep friendly behavior while answering sex questions, not dealing with settlement.

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