If children are under peer pressure

According to experts, since childhood, the effect of peer pressure starts in children. Generally, there is more pressure on friends than children aged 11-15 years, but parents do not understand this pressure. It also has a positive effect, which leads to the development of extra-curricular activities in children. But in today’s changing environment, peer pressure has a negative impact on children, such as class bunking, lying to parents, stealing, smoking etc.

Guide the children. This will give them mental support.

  • Be friendly with them, so that they share their every thing with you.
    Instead of punishing children when they make a mistake, explain them with love.
  • Develop positive thinking in children.
  • Promote their creativity. Encourage them to participate in creative activities.
  • Praise them by winning a contest by children, encourage them by rewarding them.
  • Keep complete information about his friends.
  • When there is a change in the behavior of children, immediately meet their teachers and friends. Chat with them in detail about this.
  • Teach them to say ‘no’ politely rather than being under pressure from friends.
  • Tell some ways to avoid peer pressure of seniors.

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