Eat green vegetables

Eat green vegetables, lentils salad, fruits, juice and milk in the food. Exercise your child regularly, cycling and yoga will also help keep your child fit.
To make some rules and regulations of the house, it is important for a better upbringing that some rules and regulations should be made in the house. You try to ensure that your child obeys that rule. Try to make discipline dear to the child since childhood. Set limits, but be flexible as well. Do not be more rigid than children. Where necessary, you can better motivate them to be good behavior and good by making them realize the mistake. Understand Responsibility When you feel that you are ready to become a mother to be mentally and physically, then start planning with your child. Make a mind, how you want to give your child to the child before the birth of a child. Understand your thoughts and feelings as a parent and take care of your child. As a parent, you understand your responsibilities and try to keep them in the best shape.

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